Little trip with ice creams

{totally made my evenings even better. family, beach, evening and ice cream. there couldn't be a combination better than this. }

summer holidays started for my kid and when my mom invited me me over phone to visit them (and with my sister too coming at the same time), i just couldn't say no. who can?? our days are filled with homemade ice creams, gulab jamuns, fruit juices (i am such a foodie!!!!), beach, sibling workout sessions, little local trips and family tv watching ceremonies. i wish i could stay there a little longer. who wouldn't?

and today, after a little trip to my home town, i am happy to be back to my city. i thought i should take breaks and spend more time with family back home whenever possible so that i can catch up with my life with no regrets. so here i am and my trip is over already (phewww). no illustrations or not much work at office too this week. will catch up next week. have a nice start of the week lovelies.



Hustle and other concerns

hello, happy saturday. i think everyone who keep on following their dreams will have similar situations. i don't know for sure but just an assumption. few projects are close to my heart which i am working on, by both giving them time in real sense and by also giving them my brain time (you know what i mean) when i am not working on them apart from my regular job promoting my company products full time. family is definitely here who is at the core of all this and supporting me full time in all my pursuits.and my friends too. 

even then, i am feeling restless. having sleepless nights, busy (mentally) all the time thinking on how to move my projects forward, how best can we develop them, how to make them reach to more people, making plans, succumbing to fears almost all the time. everyday. 

then the thought occurred to me that may be i am doing it wrong. if i love my projects so much, they should not stress me out. if i love my work and am ready to push it till the end, i can not feel restless in the middle. whether the results happen tomorrow or an year later, i should not feel them as my burden. 

so today, i am deliberately taking a back step, realizing that i cannot control everything around me, everyone around me and every factor in every project that i take up. i have chosen to let go of the idea of sticking too much to my mind-made deadlines and let the life flow the way it feels ok. i can only do my part and i am doing my best with what i have. today i am making a mental note to stop this marathon of self talk for a little while and enjoy the time i spend with my kid and family, the taste of food i make, the smell of sand on a rainy day. though it is summer here, it started raining a little every day in the evening lately here in hyderabad. may be an indication from nature to me to just slow down and enjoy the moment after a full day of work. ok dear nature, you win. i got the point. i am doing it.



Little things - 04

i don't mind having long weeks or short weeks, tough ones or easy ones, lazy ones or super crazy ones as long as i have someone at home who is ready to hug the moment i step unto the home and is ready to cook for me on weekends (kidding!!!, well attempting to cook for me).
may god bless this little one of mine.

happy easter everyone!!!