Little things -03

here i am back again with the little things list that are making my life happy and cheerful from the past few days and i am thankful to this space to be able to share these ramblings with you. never thought a blog of mine can get so personal like this. here is the list if you are interested in.

1. the flowers from spring are making me feel so fresh and happy (with the occasional background music from Cockoo birds.) i couldn't ask for more.

2. staying in hyderabad is getting more exciting with every passing week as we are getting ready each sunday morning to attend the "happy streets" program where we can do anything you want on the streets before the city traffic catches up. anything on streets from running, yoga, jumba (you heard me right), your own music show or dance class. that is something i couldn't say no to, lately.

3. few late night movie dates at home holding a bowl with scoop of ice cream. this one is just heart melting.

4. finding this site french women dont get fat with the same name was accidental but the content on the site was the best i found recently about french culture and living. 

5. the list of miscellaneous here will include talking about a job offer in a total unrelated field, enjoying street food in the evening, listening to the stories from my son on how he made friends with moon and fought the monsters (this is not much miscellaneous though).

now your turn:

i know we all have stories like this to share. we all have little things to share, those little moments that count beyond measure and make us feel happy in this otherwise chaotic life. so, let us join together to celebrate these little things. you can make post on your blog on the little things that make you happy and share the link here in the comments to this post. let us collect our little things and i will post those links in my next post so that we all can celebrate our little moments, together.

join the team.