Words and pics

At times, words are all i have.
At times, pictures are all i have.

This time, i have both (wink).
Happy 4th of July.




Hello July

Home is where my heart is now a days. with the pleasure of making this new place my home keeping me on my toes all the time, I was given the freedom to choose and decorate the house, every single room of it (thanks to my sweet family, who generally do not object more). I am taking it one corner at a time. so this july seems very promising to me. I spent most of time in june choosing furniture, appliances, stuff for my home and kitchen and finally made my way to the new place in june with my husband and kid. i am happy to the moon. 

to celebrate this occasion, i have started a new project on instagram where i will post one picture a day taken from my home. i want to capture the little details, moods and good vibes that this place carries in the first month (i wish this feeling to continue for a long time though). you can follow the new photo series on instagram with #30daysfromhome if you are interested.

here are a few pics from home that i have taken recently to journal my humble beginnings.

 (the celebrations begin with an ice cream. it is a tradition over here. (wink))

 (pleasant mornings. i could not ask for more)

 (few DIY projects as we got Mr.P on board too. he has put in some effort and thanks to you tube that the thing is finally done and is standing in good shape. it is a lamp holder, in case you are curious)
 (my first illustration when things got a bit settled)

(cooking projects and many more)

so, here is my story. i am still looking for curtains, indoor plants, table lamps. oh god, trust me, the list is long enough. if you have any new places or websites that are great to check for furnishing new home, let me know. thank you in advance.

July, you are welcome. please stay a little long till we are making new friends here, figuring out things and getting slowly settled here in this pleasant place.



Little story..

Sometimes you don't need too many things to finish the story. Our lack of inspiration may be stopping us. That happened to me. See if it is the case with you too. 

A little push, a little inspiration and little dedicated block of time in schedule is all we want to get things done. Especially those tasks that we always wanted to do but are still standing in our pending list types. (May be I am talking to myself in this post.) 

my two week long travel in may and family event the following week, shifting to new home, all those home shopping sessions, lack of internet connection at home, going to so many places left me tired, stressful. I am waiting for that dose of good tight sleep. if you are following me on Instagram, you would know that I am not making any illustrations lately. I wanted to but couldn't. today I made up my mind. All it took is 20 mins time, three colors, a pencil and a brush put together on my sketchbook and it gave me a good load of satisfaction. 

Story, made simple.

I hope your life is less busy and more purposeful lately.