Happy and 30

hello lovelies!!

It is nice to catch up with you again, as always. last sunday, i have turned 30 (officially a grown up now). can i still call myself girl??!! Plz. or is it woman from now on wards. I am not very sure. Never mind. i feel like a girl. now and forever. 

since my sister is also in the town at the same time, since my birthday is also a sunday (you will understand better when you have to work for six days and you have to wait eagerly for that one in a week for a chance to wake up late) and well, also mother's day, I had fun as if it is meant to happen that way. So so so much fun. kept the day low key and personal, only with family but we roamed together far more miles on the hyderabad roads than on an any other day. we had all the sun, little clouds, morning and evening breezes on empty roads to ourselves. plain selfish me.

here is a new decade after all which deserve a great start. i was celebrating as i got my new yoga mat, few new dresses, superman t-shirt, new set of makeup brushes (as a gift from husband), started watching Gossip girl from the first episode of season one (I am still there in season one today), started looking at myself with more love and respect. 

our day started in the morning driving on the empty roads, had me-time at college when my sister went on some appointment, watched gossip girl, had lunch with family, cake at home to begin the evening, off to road again, watched classical dance show and did some shopping at shilparamam (the art district in hyderabad), dined out and came back home for a good tight sleep. my son wasn't complaining and neither did my husband. they understand  me better now and know how much outdoor kind of girl i am. :)

here are a few pictures if you would like to see. 

                                                   (me and my happy smile)

   (had lovely time dining out wonderful lunch with colleagues on saturday. tried my hand in fine tuning my chopstick handling skills too.) 

                                               (dear mainland china (restaurant), you were awesome)

                          (little cake at home. blowing more candles, making more merry)

This summer was amazing for me as I see myself getting better, learning everyday, meeting new people, creating new art, working on interesting projects. i am happy. i am now doing meditations more often, feeling peaceful and content with myself, turned  eggetarian recently too (vegetarian who eats eggs because I can't give up cakes as of now). happy me again. ok. i know i am bragging too much.

i admit that i feel this phase is the best phase of my life. with a loving family, ever supporting friends, friendly colleagues at office, fabulous readers for my blog, I feel blessed. i am ready to welcome this season of thirties in my life with more joy, hopes and enthusiasm than ever. i am happy and thirty. 

until next post, 


Summer and shorts

summers can be made even more beautiful with colorful and playful dressing. mixing shades and prints and playing with you hair is just enough to get the game right. well, you got the point. here is the illustration i made after i got my inspiration from a column in april edition of Elle india. the original colors are white colored top, a light creamy polka dot short and the same colored shoes. 

i am in the mood today morning for bright colors like orange and green and here is the result. little side effects of my mood are that you get to see how the shoes in green color would feel like when you add them to your dress up game. add to that, a  new color option for your long hair which is none other than orange in two shades. i am kidding. i am not very sure on how that look in real life on the street. for the bold girls our there, the choice is yours. go try it if you want. (wink)

here are a few more pictures of close up if you would like to see.

have a very happy, colorful and playful summer folks.



Standing tall

every year, season, month, week and day are different. nothing looks the same or feels the same every time. all we can do is just hoping for the best to come, preparing ourselves to the worst, standing tall (all the time) and helping those who are in need. 

we are all moved by the majestic earthquake that shook Nepal recently. the lives were shattered by the havoc created by the earthquake. many lost families, houses and hopes. the people in nepal and around are in dire need of any help they can get. if you are interested, please make donations to help our brothers and sisters in nepal through the channel of your choice. You can also join facebook pages to get more updates or join and volunteer with other NGOs that are supporting the cause that you know.

here are a few useful links which may interest you.

thank you.

for the rest of the week, stand tall and stay chic. have a lovely week ahead.