Fragrant Story

Hello Lovelies,

How is February treating you so far?

This month love is in the air. How about continuing the season the same way all round the year? Am I dreaming!!! Of course, No. We know we can do it our own way by making fragrances lingering around us almost every day, spreading freshness, fragrance and love as we move around. What say?

In today's post, I am sharing few of the wonderful fragrances that I have tried and loved. 1. My all time favorite, Tulip (available in Jasmine, Rose and Lavender flavors) 2. For me whenever I feel flirty (just as the name says), my recent shopping find 3. A fragrance that is so basic yet sophisticated 4. A sweet memory sake (which is one of our wedding gifts) with amazing sweetness 5. My memory from last year which I love to cherish every day, Paris Amour.

When you put them all together, they makes a beautiful, fragrant story every day. Right!!!What makes your fragrant story? I would love to hear from you.

Have a great week ahead.


P.S. :  A new dream is born. Can''t wait to share it soon. :-)


Happy Birthday Dear...

Hello lovelies,

Today let me wish the sweetest man I have ever known, my husband, a very happy birthday. We have been together for around 5 years and he was there around me almost all the time making me happy, content, inspired, content, angry (too at times) and everything in between.
Thank so much dear for filling my life with love and happiness.                      

Happy Birthday.

Missing you to the core. Stay happy and blessed. :-)



Say "Yes"to life

Did I ever mention to you that a few movies inspire me to the core? I didn't!!! OK. Here is the fact. Few movies do impress me to the core and make me think about them whenever I face such situations on my life. One such movie that I want to talk to today's post is "YES Man". Why is it so cool? Because it makes the message crystal clear that unless you say "Yes" to life, you can not make it happening. Unless you accept your dreams, desires, chances, opportunities, fears, failures in your life and still smile, make a move, decide to say yes to the next phase of life, you can not make it happen. Life is only full if it is full of experiences of all kinds. Failures should not stop and success should make you lazy to try the next challenge. Any doubts???

Watch the video in the trailer below.

What say???

Cheers & Love,


The Story Of My Life : Book Review

There are a few masterpieces which were written back decades ago depicting the way things were in those times. Though the lifestyle, thoughts, technology and circumstances changed by huge proportions, few struggles remain the same. The struggle to prove yourself, struggle for an identity, struggle to bring a change in your life and life of others still remains the same.

Luckily at times, we get a chance to read such memoirs. 

I have recently read the biography of Helen Keller who became blind and deaf due to an infection in childhood. With support of her family and her mentor, Anne Sullivan, Helen developed an interest for learning, learned how to read, write and completed her graduation. This story is such an inspiration because it beautifully portrayed the struggles of a young woman who want to achieve her goals in life despite all odds. Such an amazing woman.

The book is named "the story of my life" which she wrote after completing her graduation. The book contains three parts which include her story in her own beautiful words, the extracts from her letters and reports and letters of her teacher. If you think that this will be like any other autobiography, you are mistaken. Her imagination, vocabulary and flow of passages is a treat (not just treat, I must say paradise) in itself for those who love reading. It is very difficult to even assume that this is written by some one who has differently abilities.

Want some inspiration??? Go, grab a copy and get inspired.



Don't grow up..

If growing up means doing the same thing the same way every single day of your life, don't grow up.
If growing up means lost love for trying new things and lost love for dreaming and learning, don't grow up.
If growing up means giving up easily every effort in which you failed for the initial few times, don't grow up.
If growing up means having little time to love and care for others, never mind. Don't do it. Don't bother to. Don't grow up.

All the way, it is always in our hands. It is our choice.