Very Inspiring Blogger Award

This week has been amazing so far. Though I couldn't blog any post this weekend, I was busy roaming around the city after office with friends and celebrating the Ramzan spirit. I have been to Charminar too and that was super lovely evening with friends. Do you want to know how does it feel like?? Come to Hyderabad this season and you will automatically find it all. Haleem, Mid night shopping, colorful charminar and a lot more in Hyderabadi Style. I was taking loads of pictures around. I will share them soon.

Once I am back to my blog, I got this nomination from Elba Valverde from Live colorful blog for Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Am I inspiring? I don't know. May be. But I am surely a fan of Elba's work and love her blog.  Thank a Ton Elba.

Here are the 7 things about me that you don't know.

1. I am a big fan of Harry Potter. I have the full set of books with me and I go back reading them whenever I can squeeze some good amount of time.

2. I love Indian Street Food especially Pani Puri. Yummy. I love the evening hangout with friends enjoying the street food. I can make most of them at home but still I want them served hot by the very talented Indian street chefs. I love making pizza at home and that is and will always be my favorite dinner item. (Am I talking too much about food?..OK, I will change it now)

3.  My new love is Photography. Now I am dreaming of becoming a photographer sometime down the line but as of now, I am under self-training mode and was putting my phone to work all the time. Don't judge me by my pics now. The better ones are yet to come.

4. I love playing stupid games with my son. We invent many new stupid games during our play time and will forget them soon too..(wink)

5. I love trekking. I used to trek frequently during my school holidays along with my cousins when I was young but now, I couldn't find much time for that.

6. My sweet everyday moment now-a-days is watching my son sleeping happily while I was getting ready for office. He is very naughty when awake but when he sleeps happily, he is the sweetest one I know. 

7. My dream holiday tour is Europe tour. I will go there some day and my list of places to visit is a way too long too. (My husband keeps on listening to my plans with big eyes and raised eyebrows)

This is about me.

You have something that you would like to share that nobody knows about you?? Go on..comment below.



Let it go..

In case you missed watching it......

This is one the most memorable songs and one of my favorites that serves me as good inspiration whenever I need it. Just "Let it go". What say?

What is your favorite song??



Address Home

Hello dear!!!

Hope your weekend is awesome just like mine. At home right now, I am playing around with my kid, cooking and looking around this collection picking my favorites. Check these out and let me know if you don't feel amazed.

Home is where heart is. Each corner crafted selectively, each add-on chosen carefully, minute details been thought of multiple times in brain, seeking inspiration from internet and from feel-good homes around. Such a huge task!!! (truth be told) Aahhh. 

Things can get easier if we can get an elegant collection ready to grab from someone who shares the equal passion in designing indoor paradise just like us. True. In case you are nodding your head in unison with me and are planning to relocate to a new home or redesign your space, hop on and check this amazing stuff from the brand new online store Address Home. 

Here is the link for the online awesomeness: Address Home.
These are the pieces from the collection I liked. What is your favourite? 



Lately in Love with...

June has been crazily busy after a very pleasant long vacation for most part of May with husband in USA. Then came June and I am back to work, back to responsibilities and back to reality. Nothing horrible or depressing (wink) but back to the busy life in a good way. Nothing changed except for the fact that I back too happy, too inspired, too excited to make many things happen in life. My dreams got bigger and energy levels higher. I have started sketching more (finally!!) and even working on my photography with my new phone (of course) (and sadly my camera is catching dust).

Here are few of my works lately..

A blogger..

An illustration..

Being thoughtful..

Sketch on our anniversary day..

Inspiring myself....

Inspiring myself even more with this beautiful picture..

What do you say?

I have made a few changes recently in life and sketching more is definitely one of them. Sketching just before going to sleep was found to be so relaxing, just like my morning jogging sessions when the fresh breeze on my face makes me forget every little tension I had the day earlier. It is worth a try. Well..that is all from my side. Hope you had a great time on this last weekend of June.

I am sure there are lot interesting things to be shared by you too. Open up. Tell me how your June has been.



Are we complicating our own lives?

We want to do many things in life. Like, I want to write, I want to paint, I want to run, I want to enjoy life just like everyone else does. But at some point of time when I actually sit down to write, I would think may be this idea is not that worthy to type it down. May be my painting skills are not that good to create a decent painting. May be running posture and positioning of my foot is not correct. May be I need better brushes to paint. May be I need better thoughts to write, better shoes to run and better moments in life to begin enjoying it. We want to do things in life but in a better way, unique way, to make our every creation stand out, to create such a thing that instantly gets applause from all the people we know both offline and online and to show the world that we have arrived {Boom}. Big Dream. Worth trying. But will it happen on day 1 in the attempt 1 or even in few days or months? In quest for getting better, are we missing the reason why we liked that activity in the first place?

I just got this thought a few many times in the recent days. While playing candy crush (only as an example but don't mean to hurt the game fans in any way), I really liked the game in the initial levels. It is so simple and fun to play. But as the levels increased, as I came to know the levels at which my friends are playing currently, as the complexity of the game increased, I tried playing it a few more times, failed to cross the level (may be my brain not THAT logical) and silently bid good bye to it. Anyone with me? (raise your hands. ok. one hand is enough). Taking pictures with phone and feeling bad that they are not good enough to post on instagram or facebook. Writing posts that are lingering the draft folder for few months because we don't feel they are worthy sharing on blog. (Now I will get more hands raised.!!) My idea is not to promote poorly edited articles or bad pics but to understand why we are doing these in the first place and at what point (in the quest for better) have we started feeling disappointed with ourselves and left the job all together?? 

Is is the right thing to do? or can we just do the things that we like to do in our free time and let the work get better by itself with passage of time without being subjected to early stage criticism, high expectations and stuff?

I say let us uncomplicate. What do you say??