Playing with Light

Now a days, I have started dedicated the time in every morning to make new sketches when I am feeling so very fresh and free from distractions and I am so adoring this new habit. This morning routine practice is going on so well will me that I planning to wake up a little earlier to spend a little more time on the activities I cherish. I think I can see the freshness of my thoughts in the sketches and I am loving it.

What is your morning routine and how are you enjoying it?


P.S: first rays of the day and fresh pencil sketches are a nice combination I guess. What do you say?


My Studio

It has been a very long time since I have posted some sneak peak on my everyday life and today, I have decided to do my post on my work space on this blog, crazy sketchbook, so that we can get to know each other better.

I am artist, an illustrator to be specific and fashion, styling and photography are the art forms that I can die for. I also an aspiring minimalist but that is another story all together. I work on to bring the best looks from around the world to life on paper, add more colors to it and share with you all here at this place. 

I sit whenever I get some free time and I am in mood for sketching, in our living room at home to create sketches. 

I sit comfortably on the floor with my pencils, palettes and colors spread around and I pick the image that I want illustrate from my brain and I start making the sketch. I keep my living room clean and lively so that I get inspired and create my work right there.

My ideal workplace can be a room with sketch table and comfortable chair with nice smelling flowers on the table and plenty of color and fashion inspiration on the walls around. If I can get some creative friends working around and are available for catching up over coffee and sharing ideas, that would be most welcome. I am not there yet but someday. sure.

I love my current workplace (who said it is work, by the way) but I would be even more happy if could get a chance to work in my dream work place. That thought excites me and I guess that can become another "friends with benefits" story. No complaints.

When Sarah Allen from we work asked me to check their site for my review, I feel amazed at the thought of co-working space with other creatives.

I did check their site, their introduction video and I highly recommend it to the fellow bloggers and freelancers who would like to take chances, meet more people, work together in a common plan and keep inspiring the world with their work. If you want to get some first hand reviews on how amazing this service is, read the real stories herehere and here.

I am sorry that "We Work" currently doesn't have locations in Hyderabad and but for all those amazing girls who have this option in their city, give it a try and let me know what do you think about it.

Thank you Sarah for introducing me to we work . If you are opening up offices in India, do let me know. I would be happy to join the team.