Our Park Story

We are  in transition mode now and we are slowly picking up new habits, as a family. 

After our respective school and office are done, we are paying visit to our nearby park. Even if it is a little trip for 20 minutes, we are doing it and I feel, it is totally worth it. Any place where we are away from chores, where we don't have to catch up with things and time, where we can be spontaneous and enjoy the moment, we are IN. 

We generally don't like the same little trip of same duration to departmental store, though, as there are plenty to choose from, plenty to decide on and the weight of baggage to carry on the way back for the shopping we did. But, park is different.

In the park, we run, we fall, we jump, we laugh, we smile, we play, we relax, we breathe, we live. That's it.

From there, we only carry memories back. Of course, this happens only when we (put aside the phone and) really enjoy the breeze, the grass, watching the children play, smiling to the strangers and making new friends. There, in the park, there isn't much to choose or much that you can buy, get it packed, load in your car and bring back home. 


Whatever you can enjoy, enjoy it there, at that very moment and when you are done, come back. Relaxed and ready for the next few hours before we hit the bed. we are loving those little breaks, we wish we have more time to spend there. May be, some day.

What are your ways of unwinding with your kid? Any ideas?

Happy first of August.



Bold and Bright

once upon a time, there lived a girl who got bored of the way the week was going on till wednesday morning and decided to give it a twist. she promised herself to make her day stylish, bold, beautiful and exciting. putting on her best gown and pulling the camera out of her cupboard, she set her foot out from the door to explore and experience the world, with a new pair of shoes and a fresh view in eyes.
here is the story as it unfolded.

What shall we name this girl? This girl is the one who loves to explore the world and experience life, is bold in her life choices, cool in dress choices, loves experimentation, colors and out doors, never shies away to being the muse of her girl friends. I am thinking of making a new series on this blog by giving this girl a name and an identity. what should that magic word be?

Let me know what you think?

Until next post,


This week, lets do some hacking

I have come across this video few minutes before and I found it really useful. Let us dedicate this weekend to learn some style hacks that can come really handy during our busy week. Ready??

Here you go.

Have a lovely weekend.



Around here

Life has got a little busy over here in the mornings with all three of us as a family has to get out of the door by 8.30 in the morning with packed lunches for five days a week. huh. I love lazy weekend mornings more than anything but this is what it is that I have for now. May be this is just a phase and may be soon, we will figure out the ways on how to do it and rock the morning routine as a family with ease. 

As I was talking about this not-so-cool part of the day, here are a few photos that I have taken recently in the mornings to celebrate the little chunks of time that I got to capture the things I love around here. Have a look if you are interested.

 < we are teaching our kid to share little responsibilities in the mornings with us and one of that is to water those few little plants at home>

 <it is getting tough to keep him away from (my) colors now a days.>

 <home cooking>

 <sketching early before the other two wake up>
<feeling that lovely morning sun light>

I am writing this post at 6.15 in the morning as the other two at home are still sleeping while I am enjoying my morning views from the window and putting this post together.

How are your mornings going on? how are you managing or nailed it as a family to get everything done in the early hours of day without feel a little rush? I am listening.



Art Crush

Happy Saturday to you all. 

This week, I was thinking of new ways on how can I update my art making skills. As I was looking around for inspiration, I began googling and ended up getting thrilled after viewing the possibilities. That is the beauty of art. It can thrill you, amaze you or captivate you in ways you never thought of before. I am thinking to make a collection of interesting sketches for my inspiration board. So here I am, sharing few of my favorite fashion illustrations from Etsy that I am currently crushing on exclusively for you. 

< just WOW>

< the cage can't hold the bird any longer. I feel we are all birds ready to outgrow cages of our own making. >

< Perfection >

< cutest fox I ever found >

< who need perfection!!! >

< Beauty is in details >

< Hair says it all >

< therapy >

< Attitude >

< Heavenly. I don't have any other word for this. >

I have given you the links to purchase them and make them your own if you are interested.

what say? which one do you like most? I am listening.