Hello again

I know I have not been here for so long. I missed this place and all the beautiful things that come along with it like your attention, comments and the chance to make connections and know new, cool people. Lets catch up again.

I was busy with too many festivals, travelling to few places like China, Thailand and few places in India (you can catch more pictures here ) on work or holidays, reading books (marketing is my new favourite subject of interest) and practising guitar. If you want some close-your-ears-kind-of-moments, come and listen to my practice sessions. Well, not all the time but most of the time. God bless my teacher for his patience with me. I did plan few things for resolutions in this new year too but I will talk about them later. That is my life lately.

For this post, I am sharing my latest work with you. It was my moment of pleasure in seeing new patterns and colour combinations coming to life on my sketchbook after both my hubby and son went to deep sleep. My time, my brush, my colours and the lovely ladies taking shape on paper. Kind of liked it. I should never leave this hobby of mine behind. Right?! what do you say?

Which one do you like more?



Happy sunday and thoughts on practice

I would have considered myself a genius had I got this lipstick perfect in the first attempt. No. I got no special skills. Even after trying for 15 times, I am can't say, I nailed it but somehow, I am happy to see the output. what do you say?

This week has been exciting.We celebrated Diwali together at home with little cooking adventures, practised guitar, had a very short work week, went on a little fun trip with husband's office friends on Saturday. I couldn't have asked for a better week. 

While spending a little more time at home, I felt lucky to have more time to practice the skills that I always wanted to fine tune myself with. I know I can get better. Everyone can. Everyone can get better at the skills they want with constant practice, dedicated time and focus. Getting time is the tricky part in today's busy schedules, I agree, but that too depends on priorities we choose and choices we make. Social media or practice, watching TV or practice, watching random videos or practice, browsing for updates or practice. you got it. it is all about choices.

I am working on finding more time to practice the skills that I wanted to get better at and I will be back here to share with you what helped me in this task.

Have a great Sunday.


P.S.: I found this book very interesting. Check it out if you are interested.


Catching up...

Can this be a blog post title? I am not sure and I am fine with many not-so-sure things around here and I am fine with this too. I have been to china last week on a business trip (from my day job) and I was pretty busy with visits, meetings, lunches, people, schedules, agendas and tons on stuff that come with the package. I must say I was tired but the only thing that gave me solace is the silence in my hotel room. After a hectic day, that was what I longed for the MOST and having that room with coffee maker and writing desk just made the place more welcoming and soothing. I did journal my experience regularly and listened to good many Chinese songs. Though I don't understand a word of them, I liked them for their brilliance and beauty and as they say and I agree, the language of music is universal. period.

Here are a few photos from my trip for me and you (mostly from my planes but I am happy that I got at least them).

we were not alone even in the middle of clouds and love seeing
 them through window. who doesn't?

 I can get on the plane many more times if my every plane 
offers a window seat and views like this. Selfish. I know.


Going to places, meeting new people, trying new foods, getting to know new cultures and coming back home with tons of experiences. I absolutely love it though it can get tiring at times. I missed blogging here and catching up with you at this place is one of my favourite things to do. So here is out little catching up post. There are tons of practical lessons I have learned in my last journey (its about packing light, poker faces etc. etc. ) and I will share them here soon. Stay tuned.

Let me catch up my nap now and I will come back with new posts soon. Happy Diwali all, well in advance.



Illustration: Mannequin

I feel like trying.

I feel like sketching.

I feel like creating.

I feel like learning.

I feel like experiencing.

I feel like living.

what do you feel like lately??