Art: Myself

Hello dear,

This is me. This style is my own. It feels good to say that.

Tried something new this time and presenting here to you. Hope you like what you see.

It has become a recent practice that i am looking at my Instagram feed for fashionable bloggers so that i can try to illustrate them my way. After few attempts, i thought why not try it on myself, look at my own outfit and try to see how it looks on paper (in black and white). So, here it is.

I know those eyes are not mine and that hair is not even close, but that outfit is definitely mine (haha.)

What new things have you been trying lately??



The Immortals of Meluha : Book Review

Hello Dear!! 

When ever I come across a book that can beat my imaginations, I want to check that out to see what new surprising ideas are to be revealed by the author. That was a habit since childhood (may be the reason for me being a hard core fan of Harry Potter series). I love surprises, in a good way. When I started reading this book, The Immortals of Meluha, I was amazed at the novelty of the perspective and the beauty in the storytelling by the author, Amish. 

This is the story about shiva, sati, daksha, nandi, bruhaspati and the community of meluhans. You can read on if you like to.

Ever since I was child, I have know shiva as a god who is very strong, good in dance, meditation, who is likely to live in Himalayas and known protect to us from evil. But I never thought that a character can be created with the same name and qualities that of shiva and the story be told in way that every one is prompted to get to hooked to. The major difference this book had with any other mythological book is that the author made shiva a living and moving human, with feelings and fears, ideas and doubts, friends and followers and tells the whole story in that perspective. I would totally applaud this master work. 

Even though you are not from India or not known the story of shiva before, you can still read this book to get the taste of the refined culture of meluhans, their way of living, the life and trails of a great tribal boy called shiva. You can also understand the struggles of tribal people, role of leader on inspiring the community,  the war tactics in challenging times, the confusion that prevails and decision making skills of the leader when bestowed with a coveted responsibility of protecting an entire clan of foreigners and his love story and marriage with his love. 

Every chapter is captivating and prompted me to look forward what the next chapter holds. Now that the first book is over, I am looking for the next book in the series (this is a trilogy of three books where the story continues in one after the earlier book). I got my copy of the second book already. 

If you are interested too, you can grab your copy here.

What books are you reading now and would you like to recommend them to me?



Cover Art

There is a time when the magazine cover inspired me to try to illustrate it my way. I am not going to fancy much about how good my skills are but I am happy about the places I find inspiration to draw and create more and feel good about it. If you like my art, you can follow me on Instagram here.

If you want to see the original one, here it is..

Hope you liked what you see.

What is it that is inspiring your work? Where do you find inspiration from?



Reclaiming the day

There are times when I used to feel guilty at the end of the day for not striking off all the items on my to-do list. I used make list of things to be done, used to plan extensively on how can I accommodate the tasks throughout the day at the beginning of the day. I feel the guilt at the end of the day for not getting my trophies in place for completing all my tasks on the list. 

Quite natural, right? After all, I am a working mom. (Good excuse.)

The next day starts with pending list from the earlier days and story repeats itself making me feel unhappy and less satisfied at my own skills and abilities. I desperately wanted to reclaim my control on my time, my day, my life and I wanted a solution. 

The answer I found is LESS.

Here are few ideas on how choosing less can make make life easier.

1. Rule of 5: Choose 5 things to do for the day. Let them be in any category like work, home or fitness (you know your priorities for the day). Choose 3 items that can take good amount of time and effort to complete but are needed to be completed and the remaining two items that take less time and effort and can be done with ease. It is just for your idea. you can choose either less or more in each category per your convenience. Dividing the task with good balance of hard and easy tasks helps you conquer the day. It is yours.

2. Focus: The less items on your list, the easy it gets to get the things done. Your mind can enjoy that little/no pressure of having too many things to be done. You may not have to be in hurry all along the day with less focus or heart on the task at hand. We may need this change after all. 

3. Breathe: Less tasks help us get little time for breaks amid the tasks. We can use those breaks to realx, break the monotony and enjoy the moment. That time can be used for reading, walking around, enjoying coffee/tea or catching up with friends, or anything that you love to do. These little things can help you feel good about yourself. Who would not want them?

There are times when I don't have time to  sit and meditate for 10 minutes a day. That was true because I thought I was busy. Ever since I started my mini-mission to meditate for at least 10 minutes for day here, I started feeling good about myself. My tensions got little less, my to-do items list got short and life got better.

I am happy with less.

How about you?



Lady Like

What you draw reflects how you feel at the moment. In the quest for simple life, I really want to explore what it feels to live and feel content with less. I am looking at ways and means to simplify life and the project is on in full swing. 

At this moment, I am feeling lady like. Not so much worried about colors, trends, fashion or styles but just the basic feeling of calm, composed, confident lady like.

How are you feeling today?




Hello Dear,

Art is a form of meditation for me. Be it to paint, to write or to dance or any other form that I can try on and get involved. The more I create, the better I feel. 

If you are following me on instagram, you would know that I am trying to create looks with my pencil and pen more and I am thoroughly enjoying the process. You can get all those posts with hashtag #artoncardproject. Hope you like what you see there.



Little Mindfulness

In the beginning of this year, I have decided to simplify my life. I want to simplify my food, clothes, home, heart, mind and life. I know change takes time and I am OK with starting small.

There is so much to do and I must find some good place to start this process. I believe that letting go of the thoughts lingering in the corners of my mind is as important as letting go of crazy stuff in my living room. So I am starting with 10 minutes meditation daily for at least 6 days a week, preferably in the mornings (because the sounds that I hear regularly once the day starts or once my son wakes up, will make this task next to impossible, at least for now).

Taking 10 minutes out of 24 hours should not be a big problem for me, no matter how busy I am. For this practice, I am going to use Lucent app on my phone to set the timer for me, to record my insights or to show me reminders. In case you are interested, you can join me too.



Looking Ahead

This year is very good one in a way beyond my expectations. I am counting my blessings today and I feel happy. This year has shown me progress in many fronts, gifted me new friends and experiences and allowed me to travel to my heart's content. I am happy and I want to thank for everything I am blessed with.

There are days when 'I' said "mom, please don't go to office. I will be sad if you are away from me". I remember that cutest face whenever I remember those words. I can't help much about my not going to office issue now but I expect he would appreciate my work few years down the line. He grew up and learnt so much this year and would never agree (except when he need something that is reserved for little ones) that he is too young. Eager to grow up and see the world. (Chuckle).

Cheers to the growth and hopes for better future. 

Today I am looking ahead to see what is awaiting me in the new year. As I am writing this, I also want to mention what my plans are for the coming year for this blog, Crazy Sketchbook. 

On this blog, you will be getting to see posts on working my way to a simple and satisfied life, more art and style that might be interesting to you, my diet and fitness adventures, new home and dream (coming soon) updates and snippets of my family life. 

Beyond all this, you, being reader, are the most important person here and I would like to know how was your year and what are your plans for the coming one?