Why Blogging?

"I can't see what is on the other side of this mirror. I will go through this door anyway. I can't see what is in store for me going ahead in future. I will go ahead anyway. Let me enjoy this curiosity at the moment"

Why blogging?

May be this is a question to myself. I guess this is the question that will haunt fellow bloggers too at times. Why? In answer I have started jotting down the following reasons in its favour. 

1. It keeps me on my toes in a good way.  The date of my last post reminds me that it is time to sit down again and do what you love. We all have busy lives and most of the times we may not find enough time and energy to put aside so that we can concentrate on doing what we love. Sincerely, blogging or content creation for my next post is my perfect ME time that I enjoy to the core.

2. It pushes me to create. Not just to create but to create on a regular basis. So that helps my mind to stay open to receive or generate or develop new ideas that can become subject to my next post. I am open and I ready to test or try new ideas and I am proud of it all the time. 

3. I get a chance to meet people of my tribe (mostly virtually). Seriously. Throughout my (around) 2 years journey of blogging, I got a chance to meet bloggers from around the world who are excited and passionate about what they are doing and who are sharing their thoughts, ideas and projects generously with everyone. I get inspired by them all the time. Period. 

Here are my answers to "why" I blog or potential reasons for a new person to start blogging. If you are blogging already, what are your answers to "why blogging?". Share them here. I would love to see what are the reasons that prompted you to take on this adventure.

Thank you. 



Art lately

Hello Lovelies,

Living the dream is a far fetched dream in itself. Before going there, we need to live and dream and work hard and get there. If you are ambitious and want to go and live many dreams, go ahead. Push yourself and get there through passion and persistence. 

Before getting ready to hit the cog to make it move, if you want a little break, check this art (lately) of mine.

Let all the good luck be yours.

By the way, what is your dream that you are working on??



Life with purpose

Hello Lovelies,

I know I have been dabbling with lot of  responsibilities lately. Work was crazy, my son grew up and is having home works which I have to take care of after work, monsoon season came making the roads less safe and traffic less fast thereby increasing my commute time. As you guessed rightly, I can't handle chaos for long. So, I started looking for ways to work out this situation. I was looking for answers and luckily I got them. 

You know what it is? I don't know how I ended up with the word minimalism as answer to my question but from that point a new journey began. 

From minimalism, I went on reading more about finding the purpose of life and luckily ended up reading "Be More With Less" blog by Courtney Carver (Link: Be More With Less). I must say that reading a few posts inspired me to change the way I was looking at situations and inspired to think about the purpose of life. To declutter spaces, work, digital habits, mind and life so that we can enjoy the present moment. I must say that I made my decision.

You can call me now an aspiring minimalist. How am I adopting this concept to make a big lifestyle change for better? Simple. Stay tuned. I have started my project minimalism already. I will share you the updates in future blog posts.

In case you are interested too in making life better, simple and satisfying and really want to start your own journey, hop on to Google and get an idea of the concept and understand why it would benefit you and how you can adopt it. You can join me on my journey too as I am also here still at baby step stage in finding the purpose of life and living it to the fullest. We can be friends and travel this journey together.

Theme chosen for August: Baby steps to minimalism

Have you chosen this "life on purpose" journey already or are you planning to do it any time in future? or else, what other plans do you have for August?


P.S: Happy Friendship Day Dear. I am glad and highly thankful to have you here in my life.


Blog Love: Fashion Blogs

Hello Lovelies,

We all love fashion. We want to update our styles to suit the season, occasion or mood. May be our styles differ, our aesthetics differ but basically most us want to look good and stay stylish and fashionable. And If you ask me where do I look for inspiration, my first answer would be magazines and blogs. I know magazines are highly curated and edited content (yet inspiring...) but the freshness of fashion in blogs simply amazes me.  

Here are the 3 fashion blogs whom I adore to the core. You can say, they are my blog love/lady love/fashion love.

1. Wendy's Look Book

Wendy is an inspiration for millions of fashion enthusiasts out there with skills of perfectly mixing outfits, playing with trends and getting amazing looks. She considers fashion as an art. Need I say more?

2. Style Scrap Book

Andy from style scrapbook helps us to have a fresh look at style and outfits. She makes it look easy and simple. Want to try? Hop on to her blog with link above. You can thank me later. :)

3. Dean street society:

This is Hilary for Dean street society. Being a stylist from Brooklyn, Hilary talks all about having a fresh look at the closet with few additions and risks here and there. Want to have a stylist August? Follow her Instagram challenges and you are good to go. 

Who is your favorite fashionista? Let me know in the comments below. 

Have a stylish August ahead.



Very Inspiring Blogger Award

This week has been amazing so far. Though I couldn't blog any post this weekend, I was busy roaming around the city after office with friends and celebrating the Ramzan spirit. I have been to Charminar too and that was super lovely evening with friends. Do you want to know how does it feel like?? Come to Hyderabad this season and you will automatically find it all. Haleem, Mid night shopping, colorful charminar and a lot more in Hyderabadi Style. I was taking loads of pictures around. I will share them soon.

Once I am back to my blog, I got this nomination from Elba Valverde from Live colorful blog for Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Am I inspiring? I don't know. May be. But I am surely a fan of Elba's work and love her blog.  Thank a Ton Elba.

Here are the 7 things about me that you don't know.

1. I am a big fan of Harry Potter. I have the full set of books with me and I go back reading them whenever I can squeeze some good amount of time.

2. I love Indian Street Food especially Pani Puri. Yummy. I love the evening hangout with friends enjoying the street food. I can make most of them at home but still I want them served hot by the very talented Indian street chefs. I love making pizza at home and that is and will always be my favorite dinner item. (Am I talking too much about food?..OK, I will change it now)

3.  My new love is Photography. Now I am dreaming of becoming a photographer sometime down the line but as of now, I am under self-training mode and was putting my phone to work all the time. Don't judge me by my pics now. The better ones are yet to come.

4. I love playing stupid games with my son. We invent many new stupid games during our play time and will forget them soon too..(wink)

5. I love trekking. I used to trek frequently during my school holidays along with my cousins when I was young but now, I couldn't find much time for that.

6. My sweet everyday moment now-a-days is watching my son sleeping happily while I was getting ready for office. He is very naughty when awake but when he sleeps happily, he is the sweetest one I know. 

7. My dream holiday tour is Europe tour. I will go there some day and my list of places to visit is a way too long too. (My husband keeps on listening to my plans with big eyes and raised eyebrows)

This is about me.

You have something that you would like to share that nobody knows about you?? Go on..comment below.