Happy Week

Hello Dear,

Thinking is beautiful. 
Thoughts are powerful. 
Action makes thoughts meaningful.

We all dream, think and plan all the time. Well, mostly. This week let us concentrate to give our thoughts a little push, put them to action and keep the ball rolling. 

And remember, less is more.
What say??!!



Story time

Hello Dear,

Let me tell you a story.

Stories are part of life. We make stories all the time. We create them, dump them, start them fresh, revive them on a daily basis. It is exciting to be part of them. It is even more exciting to create them. 

Coming to my story (in this part of my life), my son keeps on forcing me to come up with new stories all the time. Mostly during meal time and sleep time. He selects the characters that need to be part of it. They can be animals, things, locations, people or even few characters from TV (like..whatever he remembers at that moment).  I have to include all the selected cast in that story religiously and then the theme, storyline and ending are my choice (what a bliss!!!). 

These stories are easy to create, far from reality, highly amazing (to my kid, at least) and gets the job done. I am totally in love with them. These are the little moments that make life so meaningful to me.

How about you? When did you come up with a crazy story last time?



For better things in life

Am I kidding that I am not checking my facebook feed at least every other day. No. I am checking it now at frequency of may be once in a week and I still didn't miss much. No FOMO at all.

I understand that being a blogger, you need to be a social media expert, post frequently, post quality content, be engaged with people, be online, be everything everywhere. Such a tedious job. I even read one blogger saying that if she spends one hour creating a post, she is spending almost another hour in promoting that post on social networks. Huh. Can we think different?

Actually, ever since I was inspired by the concept of minimalism and was trying to make it my destination, I am in my way trying to find ways and means to pursue it in ways that suit my lifestyle. I was checking earlier my twitter, whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook feed almost every day and that used to eat up all my commute time everyday. I never observed the sky from the window, had trouble catching up with friends on phone  (because I am too busy, I can't take time to call my friends at home or office in my hectic schedule), almost never smiled at strangers and boom....one day even one of the regular drivers asked me where is my phone when he saw my hands are free (read: phone not seen in my hands). Don't you see that this is the heights of being connected??! We'll, I felt so. Earlier I used to think this is the best way to use my commute time but I no longer feel so. If you are an aspiring minimalist like me and are struggling to manage your time with too many things to do in a day, here are a few things that I would suggest you to try.

1. Little cut back: If you can try, tone down the usage of at least one social networking site. If you are blogger and feel the need to be connected, identify and choose the feed that you feel is least connecting with your readers or least contributing to promote your traffic and reduce its usage by 50 percent. If you are checking it daily twice, make it once. If you are checking it at the blink if every notification, reduce it to once for every 3 hours. As it is already your chosen least connecting media, you're not likely to miss much. Try this for at least one month and see if it helps to relax or sleep for few more minutes. Besides friends, followers and feed, good sleep and free time too are important in life.

2. Set timer: Set time limit on the duration of the time you are going to spend on the  most engaging social networks. Even if is more engaging, I think a time limit if 15 minutes is sufficient to drop your feed or check the important feed unless you started chat with one or two of your friends or followers. After 15 minutes, better close the site and close your eyes for few seconds to relax and refocus. You will not loose much by cutting back your browsing time but get sense of accomplishment by controlling the time you spend on one of the compelling reason. Is the effort not worth it? I say, yes. 

3. Scheduled Creativity: Instead of scheduling time for social media, schedule it for creative activities. Just like kids have scheduled play time and art projects time, make time for writing, painting, doodling (this applies to me) or anything that let your right brain juices flowing. Create routine in your everyday life, be it morning, evening or whatever time applies to you. Make it relaxing, rejuvenating and let it reconnect you to your better self. 

Let us welcome better things and better changes in life. 

How are you dealing with your time everyday and what part of day are you planning to let your mind create and rejuvenate?


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Doll in Doubt

Everyone has doubts in life. About career, relations, friendship, style or life in general. I believe that woman looks wonderful even when she is in doubt at any stage of life. What say??

Now that I am firmly into belief that less is more, I am publishing this post giving a chance to lesser words and more of my work. 

Let the art speak by itself.

How does your doll in doubt look like??



Why Blogging?

"I can't see what is on the other side of this mirror. I will go through this door anyway. I can't see what is in store for me going ahead in future. I will go ahead anyway. Let me enjoy this curiosity at the moment"

Why blogging?

May be this is a question to myself. I guess this is the question that will haunt fellow bloggers too at times. Why? In answer I have started jotting down the following reasons in its favour. 

1. It keeps me on my toes in a good way.  The date of my last post reminds me that it is time to sit down again and do what you love. We all have busy lives and most of the times we may not find enough time and energy to put aside so that we can concentrate on doing what we love. Sincerely, blogging or content creation for my next post is my perfect ME time that I enjoy to the core.

2. It pushes me to create. Not just to create but to create on a regular basis. So that helps my mind to stay open to receive or generate or develop new ideas that can become subject to my next post. I am open and I ready to test or try new ideas and I am proud of it all the time. 

3. I get a chance to meet people of my tribe (mostly virtually). Seriously. Throughout my (around) 2 years journey of blogging, I got a chance to meet bloggers from around the world who are excited and passionate about what they are doing and who are sharing their thoughts, ideas and projects generously with everyone. I get inspired by them all the time. Period. 

Here are my answers to "why" I blog or potential reasons for a new person to start blogging. If you are blogging already, what are your answers to "why blogging?". Share them here. I would love to see what are the reasons that prompted you to take on this adventure.

Thank you.